Elevator Boat Lifts

Are you in search of an elevator boat lift design that is not only long-lasting but also unique? Your boat is more than just a valuable investment; it's a source of pride. At Pensacola Boat Lifts, we recognize the significance of preserving your vessel's condition and maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Our innovative lift design provides an unparalleled solution to secure your investment. Our lifts stand out from the competition, offering a combination of strength, safety, and visual appeal that cannot be matched by any other products in the market.

Raising Your Boat Game

Elevator Boat Lifts for Effortless Watercraft Storage

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Elevator boat lifts are incredibly beneficial when it’s impractical or unsuitable to sink outside pilings for a 4 post top mount lift, especially in canals or narrow waterways. Constructed from galvanized steel, our design incorporates one or two motors, and we can accommodate 2 or 3 arms to support your boat.

The lifting arms move on static ride pipes, which is similar to our PWC lifts. The typical configuration is a 2 motor lift with 2 arms, providing optimal lifting power while allowing easy access to your watercraft.

Consider this lift as your very own marine forklift! Instead of using 4 winches to hoist your boat out of the water, our unique “cradle” design features a single-sided fork that sits beneath the waterline. By guiding your boat over the fork, it effortlessly lifts your watercraft out of the water, much like how a forklift lifts a large package off the floor.

For this reason, we strongly recommend Elevator Lifts, particularly in situations where installing the lift is challenging due to a rocky or hard bottom.